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Want to achieve smooth, silky, healthy hair? 

Want to repair your damaged hair?


Find out what treatment we have to offer, feel free to share with us your hair woes so that we can recommend a treatment that suits your hair! (simply visit us for a free hair consultation, dm us on Instagram or give us a call)

Newest: First Aid Therapy Hair Treatment

An intensive repairing and nutritive shock treatment suitable for dehydrated hair!

Mimosa Treatment

What is Mimosa Treatment?

With advanced technology, Mimosa Treatment uses the nano-active protein system and ultra nano-penetration technology to allow nutrition access through your cuticles to directly reach hair cortex and the medulla layers. It strengthens and toughens the medulla layer of your hair while giving it tripe protection through deep repair. 

Furthermore, the nano plasma osmosis technology uses the essence of nano-active to strongly hold moisture and nutrients - resulting in a glossy and polished hair effect.

Who is it for?

All hair types

Ice Spa Treatment

What is Ice Spa Treatment? 

A treatment that gives your hair the moisture you desire while also soothing and repairing it!


Who is it for?

All hair types. 

Bioma Straight Treatment Perm/Rebond

What is Bioma Treatment? 

A Japanese treatment that enables you to perm/rebond your hair without damaging it. (and instead, even improving its condition!) It is done by preventing hair breakage while neutralizing the ph level of your hair and eliminating tonic to improve and strengthen hair structure. 

The perm/rebond is semi-permanent but can last for a few months with proper care. 

Who is it for?

All hair types. 

Korean Gloss Smoothing Treatment (K Gloss Smoothing Treatment)

What is K Gloss Smoothing Treatment? 

A treatment to make your hair smoother, more moisturized and shiny by injecting keratin and collagen. 

K gloss treatment also protects the hair from heat and environmental stress, giving longevity to color treated hair and revitalize damaged hair. 


Who is it for?

If your hair is frizzy!

In general, suits all hair types (very versatile treatment)

Japan Infinity Treatment

What is Japan Infinity Treatment?

To ensure that your hair is moisturized, smooth, shiny and rejuvenated! This treatment contains a high percentage of natural ingredients which acts as a moisturizer for your hair. Its naturally moisturizing properties will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and rejuvenated. 

Who is it for?

All hair types!

Shiseido Treatment

Basic Hair Treatment 

(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) o2 Korean Hair Treatment

What is o2 Korean Hair Treatment?

A Korean treatment to achieve silky smooth hair and at the same time repair and nourish it!

Makarizo Creambath Treatment

What is Makarizo Creambath Treatment?

A treatment that makes your hair shinier, smoother and stronger while nourishing it. 


Who is it for?

If your hair is damaged by chemical processes and heating tools. 

Olaplex Treatment

What is Olaplex? 

A treatment that reconstructs the hair bonds of damaged hair and revive the strength of your hair. It acts as an "insurance" to prevent hair damage during chemical service. 


Who is it for?

If your hair is damaged by bleaching, heat styling and chemical, this treatment would suit you. 

If you have frizzy hair or hair that has lost elasticity, this treatment is suitable for you too!


What is Key Bond Treatment?

A treatment that protects, repairs and restructures the hair fibre. 

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

What is Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

A treatment that intensively repairs your hair to achieve silky smooth locks. It also acts as an anti-frizz agent and protects your hair from environmental damages.  



Soft, Shiny, Smooth, Straight and Luxurious hair.

Who is it for?

All hair types.

* Will require maintenance at home by washing with sulfate-free shampoo

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