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Still hesitating to get your hair done with us? Take a look at what our customers and collaborators got to say about us.

(We are really happy to hear positive reviews and encouragement from everyone so do share them with us via instagram or through the feedback form!)


Some reviews from our happy customers 😄

  • Angellina Tan

via instagram “ So much love for my hair pampered by stylist kenny


  • Charmaine

via instagram “ Thank you @francisandjean @kennyliew23 for doing an absolutely great job to my hair, i feel like a sea princess already “


  • Chanelle

via instagram “ Thanks @kennyliew23 for this unicorn hair. So impressed with the results “


  • Mic

via instagram “ Thanks to Stella, i got the color that i exactly wanted “


  • Shuraifah

via instagram “ shoutout to francis and jean for the great service, thank you wendy


  • sze min

via instagram “ did my hair today and was extremely happy with the results! Thanks @stellawong for making my hair such a pretty one “


  • Rin

via instagram “ Huge thanks to kenny for making my hair look nice. Really satisfied with everything hehe “


  • Farah

via instagrami’m obsessed with my new hair color so shoutout to @francisandjean once again!... they are one of the most friendliest people i’ve ever met/talk to on instagram. “ 

  • Faye 

via instagram " Thank you so much for this beautiful nails! Am super in love with my nails and I cannot stop staring at them! Their service are good too and the people there are really friendly and polite! " ​


Reviews from some of our past and present collaborators:


  • Jolene Seah (@locklovez)

via instagram “ Could definitely trust my hair with them for the rest of my life. “

Read the review here:


  • Joanna Soh (@joannaspy)

via instagram “Thanks to my hairstylist, Kenny for doing magic and hair treatments for me!”


  • Jewel (@clubjewel)

via instagram “Thank you so much @francisandjean and my stylist, Kenny for my new hair!! So in love with it and the impeccable service they pampered me with ”

“ I don’t even think about what i want to get it done!! I literally just placed all my trust into Kenny and it always comes out looking great “


  • Joey Lee (@joey_anastasia)

via instagram “ The stylists there were really patient and friendly even though my hair color took awhile to achieve and i love the outcome!! “


  • Eva Lee (@evaleeqx)

via instagram “ The folks there are always so kind and welcoming! “


  • Cherylene Chan (@cherylenechan)

via instagram “ loving the results & their service was amazing!! Do book an appointment with them for affordable & high quality hair services! “

“ never dared to try such crazy colors but i know i’m always in good hands when it comes to them! “


  • Sweeny (@verysweeny)

via instagram “ paid a visit to @francisandjean to get my hair done and i’m impressed with the results. Everyone there was so helpful and friendly, felt like a princess throughout my whole experience “


  • Brenda (@ontaechan)

via instagram “ thank you so much for fixing my hair yesterday & always providing excellent service! “

“ a huge thank you to francis and jean & Wendy for always making sure that i have healthy and nice hair! “


  • Bernice (@bernicelyq)

via instagram “ Kenny never fails to make my craziest request come true and thank you Francis & Jean for the expert skills and professional service as always “

  • Hui Li (@ohyeahuili)

via instagram " Lollipop Nails never disappoint! Received so many compliments for my set of claws " ​

  • Cherylene (@cherylenechan) 

via instagram " Obsessed with my pretty mermaid nails from Lollipop Nails! They never fail to impress me with their quality & artwork "​

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