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Be inspired - Disney Princess Looks

Welcome to our first blog post: We decided to create this space to share more lifestyle and beauty contents with you guys! Hope to see you enjoying our content & do follow us on our social media platforms.

Who says that you have overgrown the age to look like a princess? Let us share with you guys some hair/nails look inspired by these Princesses!


Gorgeous blonde hair up in a bun with her puffy blue sleeved dress makes up the Cinderella look. Blonde Hair like Vanessa’s can be achieved with bleaching and if you’re worried about your hair’s condition due to the bleachings, you can always add on treatment to tackle that issue.

For nails, classy silver studs like a bow tie will be a great addition. In general, a simple plain coloured gel manicure with the use of studs to glam up the look sounds like what Cinderella would have chosen too!

Princess Belle - Beauty & the Beast

Medium brown hair that’s not difficult to maintain? Elaine’s hair screams princess Belle and is certainly one of the all time popular hair color. There are many shades of brown available from ash brown to dark brown to give your hair a different look while not requiring much effort in maintaining it.

For nails, some sparkle and glitter seems like a good complement to her outfit. Also, a pale yellow shade matches the color of her dress while adding some fun with simple flora nail art.

Princess Jasmine - Aladdin

Black curly hair? If you naturally have black hair, simply add on some big styling curls or permanent perm to elevate your look. If you’re worried about the chemicals/heat that will potentially have negative impacts towards your locks, we do offer Bioma Treatment Perm that treats your hair while doing your perm! (Head over to our website under “Hair Treatments” for more information)

For nails, to complement her blue outfit, nails with different shades of blue or purple will be a great match. Adding some gold details/studs will also create some interesting details.

Snow White

Another princess with dark black hair - Snow White. Snow White wears a short bob with curls. Not the easiest to maintain on a daily basis but definitely a memorable look without colouring your hair. Short hair with curls can also provide some volume for your hair while also giving your face a slimmer illusion.

For nails, white with shades of red or sparkles can brighten the overall skin tone of your hands. Simple nail art like flora, ombré or cartoons will look cute with shades of red.

Princess Ariel - Little Mermaid

Princess Ariel’s classic red hair can be achieved in many different styles - if bright red is too much for you, go for darker shades of red or reddish-brown. Some shades of red can even be achievable without bleach (Varies with individual hair etc) Overall, red can brighten up your skin tone!

Mermaid seashell nails are basically inspired by Princess Ariel - from white based to holographic, there are countless of ways to customise them to suit your personal style. Another look will be a beach inspired set with the base focuses on mimicking the ocean while adding some beach inspired accessories.

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