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Post Visit - maintaining your nails

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

How do you maintain your fresh set of nails for it to stay in perfect condition for as long as possible or simply just keeping your nails healthy? Let us give you some advice on how to extend the durability of your nails post salon visit 🥳

Gel Nails

Gel nails are meant to last 2-3 weeks but you can extend its “life“ with proper care and extra caution! However, leaving gel polish on for too long may lead to weakened nails and even bacteria so try to arrange time for a relaxing manicure session once every 3 weeks for pretty and clean nails.

*differs with individual lifestyle, habits, nails etc*

  1. DO NOT peel and lift as water can seep in which can lead to growth of bacteria while also possibly damaging your natural nail bed.

  2. Hydrate your nails with vitamin C, coconut oil, avocado oils etc to keep your nails healthy and moisturised nails are less likely to break/tear.

  3. Avoid Hand Sanitizers! Wash your hands instead as it can dry your skin, nail beds/cuticles and even strip off your topcoat. (In light of this COVID-19 situation, good hygiene habits are still of paramount importance so just keep this fact in mind and wash your hands with soap instead of using sanitizers when situation allows)

  4. Stay away from Hot Water. No hot baths/exposure to extreme heats for prolong periods for the time being as it will peel away your manicure. Take short showers at a comfortable temperature instead!

  5. Show some love for your cuticles! Push your cuticles back with cuticle oil instead of clipping them.

  6. Wear gloves while washing your dishes as hot water and harsh chemicals can quickly ruin your manicure.

  • Tip: if your nails grow quickly and you want your set of nails to look fresh for a longer period of time, go for a transparent based polish with designs! (picture above)

Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions are more tricky than just gel nails alone so EXTRA steps/advice are required to keep your extensions fresh and your nails healthy!

  1. Longer Extensions & Stiletto nails may come off easier so take that in mind when doing a new set!

  2. Regular backfills can help to upkeep your extensions for it to last longer.

  3. Dry underneath of your nails after washing your hands to stop water from lifting the extensions from your nails.

  4. Be extra careful and do not engage in activities that will damage your long nails especially for the first 24-48 hours as it takes time for the bonding process to be completed.

  5. Housework with gloves! Yes, wear a pair of gloves while doing housework/garden work.

  6. Stay away from fire & heat

  7. Always have professionals remove your extensions. Removing it yourself will likely cause damage and nails are to be cleaned and tidied after removal.

  8. Nail seems to be lifting? Go back to the salon before water and bacteria settle under your nails causing infections.

  9. Avoid using products containing Lanolin or Mineral Oil. Commonly found in some sun lotion, tanning products and moisturisers. These ingredients can cause extensions to be weakened and lift.

  10. BE GENTLE AND MINDFUL OF THEM! Opening a can? Washing the dishes? Now you have an excuse to get someone to help you with it! These simple activities can break your nails so be really careful.


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